Student Success Advising

Your dedicated Student Success Advisor is your advocate throughout your program. Visit the home page of your student portal to find out who your assigned advisor is.  Contact your advisor by scheduling an appointment from your student portal or by email. 

Program Requirements

Review your program requirements on your myWalden Student Portal by selecting Program Information from the left-hand navigation and then Requirements. You can also schedule an appointment for an advising session with your Student Success Advisor to review your program requirements from your Student Portal homepage by selecting Schedule Appointment.

Where can I review my GPA (Grade Point Average)?

Students can find their Grade Point Average (GPA) on their unofficial transcript. You can access this on the myWalden Student Portal by going to Support on the left hand navigation and selecting "View Unofficial Transcript". You can also ask the Charlotte Owl for your transcript and one will be emailed to you.

View Course Grade

Go to "myGrades" inside your classroom by selecting Go To Class from the myWalden student portal.

Track progress during Dissertation

Once your coursework is complete and you are registered for your Doctoral Capstone courses Walden offers a tool to help you track your progress. Opt-in to the Doctoral Research Coach to use the all-in-one research planning tool.

View the Academic Calendar

The academic calendar can be found in the student handbook and provide term-specific information and list the last day to add or drop a course (with refund) and the last day to withdraw with a grade of “W.” For specific state refund policies, please see the Refund Policies in the student handbook.

Register for the Doctoral Residency

Register for your Doctoral residency in your first term. The time to attend your residency is typically in the first and second term but can vary by program. View the requirements for your program on the Academic Residencies page. Register on your myWalden student portal by going to "Registrations".

How do I drop or withdraw from a course?

You may drop a course up until the first 7 days of the course start date. Go to your myWalden student portal and click on “Registrations" to drop your course or ask the Charlotte Owl to drop the class for you.   Check the academic calendar for add/drop periods.   If you have passed the drop period for your course, you can still request a course withdrawal which will result in a "W" grade and may have financial impact. Set up an appointment with your dedicated Student Success Advisor by going to the "help" icon on your myWaldenu student portal or send an email to to withdraw from a course or if you need assistance to drop your course.  

Student Handbook

Access the student handbook to view information about university policies, student expectations and more.

How can I change my program?

Contact your Student Success Advisor to discuss your options by scheduling an appointment on your myWalden student portal and by clicking on the "help" icon.