Registering for a Class

Plan ahead by registering for your upcoming term in advance. If you've created a plan using the Student Educational Planner then registering each term is easy.

For steps on how to register follow the text instructions below.


On the home page of the student portal, click on Records and Registrations on the left-bar navigation. Then select Register for Class.

Register For Class

Select Add or Drop Classes

Registration Screen 2

Select the Term you are registering for from the drop-down, then click Continue.

Registration Screen 3

Search for the course in the Subject and Course Number search box and click continue.

Only use this step if you have not created a Plan using the Degree Works Student Educational Planner. If you have created a Plan, go to step 5.

Registration Screen #1

If you created a Plan using the Student Educational Planner tool, click the Plans tab. You’ll see the list of courses you planned for the selected term.

Registration Screen 5

Select a course you wish to register from the list.

Registration Screen 6

Select from one of the open sections and click on Add.

Registration Screen 7

Your course will now appear at the bottom of the screen in a Pending status. To complete your registration, select Web Registered from the drop-down menu under the Action heading. Then click Submit. The Status will change to Registered

Registration Screen 8

Select Return to Plan to register for additional courses.

Registration Screen 9